Camila Cabello Claims Shawn Mendes To Have Informed Her Of Her Breakup


During the past weekend, social networks exploded after the rumor began to spread of the possible breakup of renowned singers Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes; Within the framework of this “news”, the Antillean has made a complaint to Mendes, asking him when he intended to inform him about it.

“Well, when the hell were you going to tell me Shawn Mendes,” the interpreter of “Havana” posted in one of her Instagram stories, words that were accompanied by a photograph where you could see that Cosmopolitan magazine echoed the rumor of the breakup.

It is more than evident that these words are ironic and that they are definitely the product of a game that confirms the falsehood of the break.

This is news that has pleased the lovers of “Shawmila”, a name that fans have assigned to the relationship between the famous singers.

Suspicions about the end of this romance began to rise after the Canadian singer removed from his Instagram profile the video in which he kisses with Camila, this being one of the few publications of his profile that made it clear that he kept an affair with her, leaving on her Instagram few traces of the presence of Hair.

This single gesture was enough for chaos to break out, the rumor of probable separation spreading; and within the framework of all this the artist made the video public again, but before the wave of criticism that was triggered by it, Mendes chose to remove it again.

Fact that I compensate by posting a beautiful and romantic photograph in which your partner gives you a tender kiss on the cheek, accompanying the description of your publication with a simple but telling heart, emoji with which she also responded; reaffirming that they are still together.

The love between the singers began to glimpse earlier this year after the release of “Miss,” a successful song they perform together; and it was more than remarkable that the romance and chemistry between them goes beyond the performance they had to do for the video of this topic, however, they did not confirm their relationship until September.


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