Camila Cabello accused of racism and xenophobia: evidence revealed!


Camila Cabello is in turmoil. The star is accused of having written racist messages. Evidence has surfaced on the web.

Bad Buzz for Camila Cabello! The interpreter of “Into It” is pinned on the Web for having published racist posts on his social networks. You can see below different evidence that overwhelms the star!

All the publications that you reveal on your social networks remain forever on the Web. Camila Cabello has just had the bitter experience. For several years, the pretty brunette has been in the spotlight! She has won many awards with her hit hits. But for some time, a dirty story has tarnished his image a little too smooth.

In fact, seasoned Internet users have unearthed old Camila Cabello posts on the Web. Except that the content of his publications is very overwhelming. Like all people of his generation, the star is very active on his social networks. In the past, the pretty singer had a Tumblr account titled: “you-etess-beautiful”. We will also reveal all the content of his old posts!

On his old Tumblr account, a user interacted with Camila Cabello. Subsequently, the star would have responded by calling him “neg **”. A term more than limited … But the young woman did not stop there. The latter subsequently reposted a racist GIF “which stereotypes an African American child”. In his blunder, the star then added a new image which represents a black-skinned child who seems happy to see chicken.

But that’s not all ! Camila Cabello is also pinned for being xenophobic. Indeed in the past, the star has unveiled a very damning Google search. In his post, one could thus read: “Why the Asians speak the language of ching chong”. For the moment, the young woman has not yet reacted to all of her accusations. But she will certainly be forced to come out of her silence. The young woman will then have to deliver her truth to her fans and the media. Case to follow?


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