Cameron Winklevoss announces how Instagram can delete fake accounts


Gemini co-founder, Cameron Winklevoss, is quite annoyed by fake Instagram accounts that imitate him. Instagram seems to be reluctant to solve this problem, which is the sensitive point of Winklevoss.

Therefore, Winkevoss decided to offer Instagram a comprehensive guide on how to detect fake accounts and take care of the matter on its own.

Winklevoss seems to be very uncomfortable with fake accounts deceiving people in the cryptocurrency world as if he were himself. Therefore, he believes that he can solve the problem himself.

This Instagram Work
Crypto fraudsters add confidence by imitating Cameron Winklevoss’s account. The same is done for his brother, Tyles Winklevoss.

Therefore, the brothers say that Instagram may be able to detect and delete such matches.

Taking it a step further, Winklevoss proposes to identify strange patterns in the behavior of an account to determine if it is legitimate (if there is no verification sign).

Profiles that routinely tend to impersonate others should be marked as ‘high risk’, Winklevoss said, thus suspending fake profiles will be facilitated.

A Boiling Social Media
Many prominent members of the cryptocurrency industry are weary of social media fraudsters who use their names to attract investors. Ripple CEO Brad Galringhouse has also sued YouTube.

Facebook also went to court many times because it refused to delete fake ads related to crypto money.

Recently, a tweet written by Blockstream CEO Adam Back has been viral.