Cameron Boyce makes a last appearance in the trailer for Paradise City!


The actor actor Cameron Boyce was present in the teaser of the Paradise City series! We give you more details.

Cameron Boyce made one last appearance in the trailer for the Paradise City series!

The young actor left us on July 6, 2019. Indeed, he died in his sleep at the age of 20.

Indeed, the young man suffered from non-traumatic epilepsy. He is said to have suffered from several epileptic seizures in the years before his death.

Today the profits from the Paradise City series will all be donated to an association. In tribute to the actor.

Cameron Boyce started his acting career very young. In fact, he was only 9 years old at the time.

We discovered him for the very first time in the role of Michael Carson in Mirror. Besides, he has become one of the essential faces of the Disney Channel.

A few months before his death, Cameron Boyce had participated in the filming of the Paradise City series. Indeed 8 episodes of 40 minutes were filmed.

Cameron Boyce will therefore be present in the Paradise City series. Indeed, he had already filmed a few episodes before his death.

In the trailer for the series, we discover Cameron Boyce in the role of Simon Ostergaard. His character is a young musician at the head of a rock band.

Indeed, the series traces the adventures of a rock group that will sell its soul to the devil to achieve success. They will then have to pay the consequences of their actions. Without surprise !

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Ash Avildsen produced and directed the series. More than 2 years after the announcement of the release of the series we will soon be able to discover it.

Indeed, the series will soon be available on our screens. We look forward !

We will still have to wait a little longer. We make you discover the teaser while waiting!


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