Cameras under the screen can arrive on phones with Snapdragon 875


Smartphones with a camera under the screen may become a reality in 2021, according to a new rumor from China. According to a profile of the social network Weibo called “Digital Chat Station”, known for leaking details from the mobile industry, some manufacturers intend to debut the technology with the Snapdragon 875 processor.

“There are many new machines with Snapdragon 875 and camera under the screen in the files,” explains the person responsible for the rumor. In addition, Digital Chat Station points out that the devices in question do not belong to the most popular lines of smartphones from major brands.

If Qualcomm follows its market standards, the Snapdragon 875 should be introduced by the company in December. The first cell phones equipped with the new component are expected to hit the market in the first quarter of next year.

Implementation difficulties

So far, none of the major manufacturers have launched camera phones under the screen and the Digital Chat Station statement is the only indication that we will have the news coming in 2021. On the other hand, several companies have already presented plans to use the technology in their future appliances.

Samsung has been working on solutions to put the selfie sensor under the screen since 2018 and manufacturers like Oppo and Xiaomi have even shown technology demonstrations. However, some barriers would be preventing the arrival of the new format to the market.

Earlier this year, Redmi’s manager, Lu Weibing, revealed that many companies are already working on deploying cameras under the screen. The problem is that the use of high resolution screens ends up hindering the sensor’s light capture, generating low quality images.

“Although Xiaomi launched a demonstration of the technology in 2019, we are still far from reaching mass production,” said the Redmi executive at the time.


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