‘Cameras with Face Detection Technology’ Will Be Placed on London Streets

Portrait Of A Young Businessman's Face Recognized Accurately With Intellectual Learning System

The cameras, which are planned to be placed on the streets of London and have face recognition, are divided into two. Some citizens argue that the cameras have violated their privacy and that their personal data can be obtained without permission, while others argue that it will be good to place cameras for extra security.

According to information obtained by The Guardian on Friday, the Metropolitan Police Service in London plans to place “face-to-face cameras” on the streets of the city very soon. In this way, criminals or suspects can be easily followed up and caught. The police plan to use cameras with facial recognition primarily to catch ‘threatening’ criminals. So, what about ordinary citizens who pass by these cameras and are scanned at this time?

According to the statements, the data of the citizens determined to be innocent in the face scanning will be deleted instantly. The Guardian also shared the knowledge that these cameras are 70% successful in detecting criminals. Police reported that only one citizen was detected incorrectly among thousands of suspects during the testing stages of the cameras.

It is not yet certain what these cameras will do in real life:
It can be said that such futuristic technologies are far from flawless. Of course, it is not possible to comment on what kind of camera technology London Metropolitan Police used and how effective this technology will be. However, it is worth noting that Amazon’s facial recognition technologies such as “Rekognition” have obtained erroneous data in the past, and the trust in these cameras has also decreased significantly.

Of course, the discussions are not only about the success rate of the cameras. It is also among the controversy that citizens’ privacy can be violated. Citizens are already arguing about the issue on social media, and some argue that the cameras will increase the level of security, while the other argues that extra security is not as important as violating their privacy. It is expected that “cameras with face recognition” planned to be placed on the streets of London will be a topic of discussion for a long time.

What are your thoughts on the placement of ‘face-recognition cameras’ on the streets? Would you like to use this technology in our country? You can share your thoughts in the comments section.