Cameran Eubanks Reveals She Turned Down the “Challenge” and Won’t Be Returning to “Southern Charm” Despite Having a “Great” Time


No regrets! Cameran Eubanks is not ready to return to Southern Charm, but she had an idea to participate in The Challenge.

“I just don’t think I can be separated from [my daughter] Palmer for six weeks.”

Eubanks said she “had to give up,” but said she was ready to do it in the future, “maybe if she had less time.”

However, the author of “One Day you will Thank Me” doubts how well she will perform in a grueling competition, saying: “Girl, I would do terrible. I’m skinny and not very competitive. No, I would suck it.”

A native of Anderson, South Carolina, she began her career in the reality show “The Real World: San Diego” in 2004.

Looking back on that time, she told Us it was a “wonderful experience” as a teenager. She added that she “does not regret” that she appeared in the series at the age of 19.

Eubanks then starred in The Southern Charm series for six seasons before leaving the show in May 2020.

When it comes to a possible return to the Bravo series, the real estate agent told Us she would “do it again in no time” after “having a great time,” but insisted that “this chapter is closed.”

She further explained, “I would go back and do it again,” but said she wasn’t approached about season 8. “I’ve closed this door and I really don’t need to go back. I don’t think it will necessarily serve the purpose. But the show is going great.”

Eubanks added that she also wouldn’t sign up for The Real Housewives of Charleston series if Bravo created another spinoff in the southern city.

“If I ever return to television, it should be something boring, not related to fights or talking about people,” she admitted. “It should have been completely different-no, I couldn’t do it.”

However, the southern beauty’s aversion to acting on television again did not affect her friendship with her former colleagues. Eubanks told us that Chelsea Meisner, who also left Southern Charm in 2020, is one of her “best friends.”

She is also close to Craig Conover, who revealed that he recently sent her a message to congratulate her on eight years of marriage to husband Jason Wimberly.

Eubanks has been following her friends since she left the show, all the while raising her 4-year-old daughter. She recently added a designer to her resume, teaming up with Takernak for a new women’s collection that will appear on next week.

“I’m a big fan of classic clothes and Tuckernuck, they sell a lot of exquisite classic clothes. So it’s not too fashionable,” she told us about the collaboration. “I’ve always been drawn to things that can be worn for a long time and that can’t just be thrown away after one season. So it’s always been very important to me.”

Check out a preview of Eubanks’ Tuckernuck collection here ahead of its launch on Wednesday, April 27.