Cameraman Eubanks explains why she doesn’t want more kids with Jason Wimberly: “I’m fine”


Completely satisfied with Palmer! Cameran Eubanks is not ready to give her and her husband Jason Wimberly a 4-year-old daughter of a brother or sister.

“When I see a child at the age of 6 or 7 months, this is the best age. I have a little ringing in my ovaries, but then reality comes.”

The reality TV star explained that she doesn’t want to “start all over again” with a newborn, adding: “Now I’m at the age when you can sit and sit on the beach. And I like it. …I’m fine.”

At the moment, the Bravo personality loves life with Palmer, telling us about the “super smart” kid.

“She has a crazy vocabulary,” the South Carolina native said. “Sometimes she’ll say a word, and I’m like:”I have no idea where you got this from.” She loves puzzles. Now we are learning to write her name. She’s a little kid. She’s not a child anymore.”

The baby “represents a good combination” of both her parents, added the author of One Day You’ll Thank Me.

“She’s a real tomboy,” the Real World: San Diego graduate explained to us. “I sent her to the ballet, and it lasted all three weeks. I’m learning not to push her to do what I liked as a child. She’s definitely more into, like, fishing and other boyish things.”

Eubanks and Wimberly, 46, welcomed their baby girl in November 2017, three years after their wedding. “Palmer Corrine Wimberly has landed,” the young mom wrote on Instagram at the time. “The wildest experience of my life! Jason is recovering and feeling well.”

Although Eubanks is busy raising the baby, she also worked hard on her collection on , the launch of which will take place on Tuesday, April 26.

“All the pieces are happy pieces,” the Challenge graduate shared with us. “They are bright, funny. They are very versatile. So you can go from lunch to dinner. It was very important for me that they fit different body types. So I think we’ve achieved that.”

Eubanks noted that she tends to basic things that can be worn for a long time and “not thrown away after one season.”