Camera Watermarks of the Meizu 17 Series Revealed


The camera watermarks of the Meizu 17 series, which are expected to be released soon, have leaked. Thanks to these watermarks, the official names of the phones and a lot more have emerged.

The Meizu 17 series is expected to be released next month. Apart from the Meizu 17 5G, the series with the Meizu 17 Pro 5G model is eagerly awaited. As it is such a highly anticipated series, there is a lot of leaked information about it, some of which is related to the design of the phones and some about its features. But an information leaked over the internet confirmed both the design and features of the phones at the same time. The source of this leaked information is Digital Chat Station.

The leaked camera watermarks of the phones;
Camera watermarks leaked on both phones. In the light of this information, the official names of the phones, how many cameras they have and camera sequences appeared. The rear camera of the Meizu 17 5G and Meizu 17 Pro 5G are positioned horizontally, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, one of Samsung’s most interesting phones. According to the 5 circles on the watermarks, the phones seem to have 5 cameras, but one of these 5 circles actually represents the LED flash.

Not only did the source telephones share the camera watermarks, and they also mentioned their model numbers. According to the source, the model number of Meizu 17 5G will be M2081, while the Meizu 17 Pro 5G will be M2091. Meizu’s flagship phones will be powered by the Snapdragon 865 processor, one of the most popular CPUs of recent times. According to some reports, phones will have AMOLED screens with a hole for the selfie camera. Also, according to other sources, these phones will come with wireless charging support.

Although the prices of these phones have not been announced before, they were leaked by some sources. According to the leaked information, the sales price of the phones will start at $ 564.


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