Camera under the screen on the Samsung Blade Bezel


On the Samsung front, eyes are turned to the Galaxy S21 promotional event to be held today. However, the company quietly made another announcement. Samsung announced its laptop computer called Blade Bezel.

The Blade Bezel features an OLED display developed by Samsung Display. The laptop’s webcam is inside this screen. This puts the Blade Bezel in a special place in Samsung’s product portfolio. Samsung had never put the camera inside the screen in any of its products. The promotional video shared by the company also focuses on the Blade Bezel screen.

Blade Bezel’s OLED panel is 1mm. thick and weighs 130 grams. It is stated that thanks to the removal of the bezels, the screen case ratio of the laptop has increased to 93 percent. Although Samsung does not share detailed size information of the laptop; It will not come as a surprise to find a device that is thin, light and easily portable.

Samsung has been working on the in-screen camera technology that he brought to life with the Blade Bezel for a while. However, the first choice of a laptop makes us think that Samsung is not ready to use this technology in phones yet. It is among the rumors that the company may include the technology in Galaxy Z Fold 3. It is necessary to wait in the second half of the year to see if this rumor is true.


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