Camera under the screen exploded with poor photo quality


The world’s first smartphone that brought frontal sensor technology under the screen received heavy criticism in the first reviews of specialized websites. Apparently, the ZTE Axon 20 5G model, officially unveiled in September 2020, sins exactly what it tries to revolutionize.

According to The Verge, the problems start with the visual: the technology used to “hide” the camera is not that developed. Therefore, it is possible to notice that the location that houses the sensor has a lower resolution and weaker colors, something notable especially in wallpapers of strong tones. In bright environments, the rectangle is even more visible “and looks worse than a notch”, citing the notch that was already criticized by some fans.

Only the worst would be in the quality of the photos. Despite using various technologies in terms of hardware and software to not let the screen harm the image, the capture is at least disappointing. In very bright environments, the cell phone generates a kind of color distortion and burst light – the journalist swears that he turned off all automatic filters before the portrait.

In photos in low light environments, the absence of a Night Mode makes things worse: noise predominates and there is a lack of details. The full review can be seen on The Verge, along with a photo test showing the far superior performance of a Google Pixel 5.

Despite the poor quality of the front camera, the device was praised for its visual and performance, in addition to being cost-effective. The ZTE Axon 20 5G sells for $ 449 – or R $ 2,200 in direct currency conversion.

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