Camera records the world from the back of a beetle


Many insects move only their heads instead of their entire bodies to scan the world around them – as the action saves a lot of energy. Thinking about it, researchers replicated the behavior in a microcamera, whose arm can be maneuvered from a smartphone.

Weighing only 248 milligrams (less than a $ 1 bill), the system was attached to the back of a beetle, which provided a quality reality show and broadcast the video almost in real time, providing an overview of its point of view – no in Full HD, of course, but still unique.

In the best Insect or Honey Life style, I shrunk the children, the images impress by the perspective they present. In addition, a tiny robot on which the camera was mounted actually spent 84 times less energy when taking a look at the environment using only the “selfie stick” of the novelty, without moving completely.

According to the scientists, the technology is one of the smallest self-powered vision systems in the world launched to date. In the future, such devices can be used so that the daily lives of little ones are studied outside the laboratory.


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