Cam Newton frankly admitted last season


Free agent quarterback Cam Newton made a pretty eloquent statement about his stay with the Panthers in 2021.

He spoke on “The Pivot Podcast” about how he put himself in an “upset situation” last year, but still has a desire to play.

“I got into another shitty situation in Carolina,” Newton said. “I signed a contract on Thursday and played on Sunday. The following week I started and was still trying to learn the attack. Before I allow the narrative that I don’t have it anymore, I’m just saying that I’ve put myself in a messed up situation. It had a ricocheting effect on how people think of me.”

Newton was brought in after starting quarterback Sam Darnold was injured.

As a result, he participated in eight games, in three of which he got the start and finished with 684 yards through the air, four touchdowns and five interceptions.

Most likely, he will not be a starter for the team in the upcoming season, but he is still valuable as a safety net.

We need to see where it lands.