Callisto Protocol demonstrates new gameplay and features at Gamescom


The Callisto protocol appeared at this year’s Gamescom event as part of the Opening Night Live event, where developer Striking Distance Studios and publisher Krafton demonstrated a new gameplay ahead of the game’s December release. Its game director Glen Schofield also took the stage to talk about the survival horror game, which many aptly compared to the Dead Space series, which will soon be revived. The game itself is scheduled to be released on December 2, so we hope that we will have a few more months of such announcements to prepare potential players for this release.

The gameplay shown during Opening Night Live depicted the main character Jacob Lee traveling through painful combat scenarios, fighting clumsy and sometimes quite formidable enemies. We also saw Lee himself killed, which showed that Striking Distance Studios would indeed bring back the cinematic death scenes of Dead Space.

Some of these revelations you’ve seen before have focused on the new types of enemies that players will face in the Callisto Protocol. Just as Dead Space calls all of its terrible creatures collectively “necromorphs,” the villains in the Callisto Protocol are called “biophages.” They come in different variants, for example, the one that was shown earlier called “Blind”, which “evolved and adapted in the dark.”

As new things have been revealed, we’ve also seen at least one aspect of the Callisto Protocol removed from the game: the connection to PUBG: Battlegrounds. At some point, the action of this horror game was supposed to take place in the universe of the Battle Royale game, but how it was supposed to work was never said. We may never know about these plans now that the connection has been completely cut off. Schofield has spoken about this before and suggested that the horror game has “outgrown” this relationship with PUBG.

The game itself takes place on one of Jupiter’s moons in a prison where players will control Lee and will use a combination of ranged and melee weapons. It’s coming out before the Dead Space remake, so no matter what you’re waiting for the most, you’ll see them both come out in quick succession to provide enough horror experiences.

The release of the Callisto Protocol is scheduled for December 2.


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