Callie’s changes you haven’t noticed so far


Grey’s Anatomy fans still hope that Callie Torre (Sara Ramirez) will return from New York one day, even if it’s just for a short visit. However, for now, fans have learned some new things about the surgeon that they have never noticed before.

Meaning of the name

One of the most interesting facts about Callie is the meaning of her name on Grey’s Anatomy. While the name of her sister, Aria, means “melody” in Italian, while Calliope means “beautiful voice” in Greek.

It really is quite appropriate when Grey’s Anatomy fans remember how talented Sara Ramirez is (as evidenced by “Song Beneath A Song”). Many fans may not be aware of this fact.

Callie suffered from glossophobia

One of the most surprising details about Callie was her great fear of talking about her in public on Grey’s Anatomy. Despite being one of the most confident characters on the show, fans were shocked to see that she hated public speaking.

It turns out that Callie’s fear is a real social anxiety disorder called glossophobia. It seems that Callie may have gotten over this fear if her enthusiasm for her TED talk of hers has something to do with Grey’s Anatomy.

Callie’s Apartment Details

In all the years that they lived in apartment 502, many fans have not paid much attention to the surroundings at Callie and Arizona’s house. If they did, they would have noticed some furniture that had appeared earlier on Grey’s Anatomy.

For example, the carpet that was seen in Grey’s Anatomy at Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) house was the same one that appeared at Callie and Arizona’s house surprisingly in the living room.

The blanket that adorned her bed has been a part of her life since she was a teenager and the images scattered throughout the apartment are actually real-life photos of the cast and crew of Grey’s Anatomy.


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