She called out to those who said “Bitcoin will be $ 1 million”: “It is not realistic”


A crypto investor called out to the commentators who said that Bitcoin would rise to $ 1 million and said that this is not very realistic.

It is a big curiosity how much the bitcoin price will be a few years from now. Some analysts say that Bitcoin will rise to $ 75,000 in three years, while others say the price may exceed $ 100,000 in a year. In fact, names like Raoul Pal, founder of Global Macro Investor say that the price could rise to $ 1 million in a few years.

Doesn’t Get Real
A crypto commentator named CryptoWhale on social media recently made a statement about these predictions. CryptoWhale, speaking to the commentators who say that Bitcoin will be $ 1 million, says that these predictions are not realistic.

According to CryptoWhale’s explanations, the names that make such predictions for Bitcoin are; quantum computers ignore Satoshi’s wallets and government regulations.

According to this crypto commentator, what most of these names ignore is the policy that the US will follow. If Bitcoin is $ 1 million, it means that the total market value of BTC will be trillions of dollars, and CryptoWhale thinks that the US will definitely “intervene” in such a situation.


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