Call of the Sea is due out on December 8


The Spanish title developed by Out of the Blue Games presents an adventure with puzzles and mystery tinges.

During one of the Xbox events, Out of the Blue Games presented its new project, Call of the Sea, a title scheduled for 2020 that, however, had not offered a more specific release date. Given the current circumstances, marked by the coronavirus crisis, no one would have been surprised by a last-minute delay. Fortunately, everything seems to indicate that it will not be the case, since the Microsoft store has dated it for next December 8.

At the top of the page you can see this date, although at the bottom, where the different characteristics appear, a different one appears: December 31. It would be strange if it was commercialized on the last day of the year. In addition, the game is on sale for a limited time, precisely until the mentioned day 8. Players can get it with a 10% discount.

Where is the protagonist’s husband?

Call of the Sea is set in 1934. Norah, the main character, will travel to an island in the southern Pacific in search of her missing husband. While exploring the ruins and various mysteries, the woman must investigate and uncover clues to unravel the truth. The game will work improved on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as it will implement 4K resolution, 120 fps or ray-tracing, among other options.

Out of the Blue was born as a small studio based in Madrid, with only 12 developers. It is a multicultural group with a very broad portfolio of projects: “We have previously worked on a handful of titles before joining forces, including Red Matter, Metroid: Samus Returns, Deadlight, Gylt, Celeste, Guacamelee 2 and Spacelords ”, explained Tatiana Delgado, co-founder of the study. Together they have created a puzzle adventure game inspired by Lovecraft’s work.


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