Call of Duty Warzone: Without killing and damage

A player of Call of Duty: Warzone showed that it is possible to win in the game without killing anyone. The Pinkys_Brain_ user on Reddit shared his victory in that he didn’t kill any opponents and didn’t even take damage. Knowing it was a unique feat, he pulled out the camera, recorded his victory and published it on the website with the title “I won a solo match with 0 victims and 0 damage”.

Won a solos game with 0 kills and 0 damage… from CODWarzone

Pinkys_Brain made a peaceful start, even concluding a contract did not face confusion. He says he raised a score of 4,900 and explains in the comments how he managed to do strangely well. According to him, he waited for the enemies to come in the final circle, but they ended up being trapped at the foot of a hill and dying for gas.

Some people in the comments question the achievement and mention that it is not difficult to do this by taking advantage of a bug involving the game’s syringe. The glitch allows players to stay on the gas with infinite syringes that regain life. Anyway, we have no way of knowing what really happened and Brain denies that he used any kind of unfair advantage.

Among the new features of Call of Duty: Warzone we can mention the giant file size reduction update of the game and a possible new map that would have appeared in a leak.



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