Call of Duty Warzone: Wanted Contract is Deactivated After Bug


Call of Duty Warzone: Developer Raven Software has temporarily disabled the Most Wanted contract in the free game Call of Duty Warzone. The mission was causing a bug that made players invincible during the battle royale.

The Wanted contract is one of the most dangerous, but advantageous, of Call of Duty Warzone. Upon accepting the mission, the player is marked with a target and can be seen by all opponents on the map.

After surviving for a certain period of time in adverse conditions, the player receives a sum of money within the game and all of his partners are instantly revived. Thanks to a bug, however, users who accepted the mission were receiving an “extra benefit”.


While many bugs end up bringing disadvantages during gameplay, the failure in the Wanted contract left the player practically invincible. According to reports, when the user ended the mission, his soldier was immune to bullets, explosives and even special blows.

In a video posted on Reddit, users who found one of the players “blessed” by the flaw showed the bug in action. Even after being shot by grenades and shots, which kill instantly, the player remained standing.

Raven confirmed the flaw, which was called “God Mode”, and is still investigating the problem. The company has not provided an update on the case, but users can follow the progress of battle royale bug resolutions in this Trello framework.

Raven Software is currently working hard on Call of Duty Warzone. In addition to fixing bugs and battling cheaters, the company is about to release a major update for the game, including a new map inspired by Black Ops Cold War.