Call of Duty: Warzone uses an internal anti-cheat system


Like other online multiplayer titles, Activision’s game has been the victim of cheater action. If there is something inherent in online games, it is the presence of cheaters.

The titles of this style are not only filled with players who take advantage of vulnerabilities, but there are also companies that are dedicated to creating tools to exploit those weaknesses. One of the affected titles is Call of Duty: Warzone, the free-to-play battle royale developed by Infinity Ward (with the participation of Raven Soft at present). However, in a new entry published on the official blog, Activision has once again emphasized its intention to fight against cheaters, to the point that the video game incorporates an internal anti-heat system.

“We maintain a zero tolerance policy against cheaters in Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Warzone,” they point out. “Our goal is to combat both cheaters and cheat providers. Today we have expelled 60,000 accounts of confirmed cases ”for the use of software of this style in Warzone. In total, the company confirms, they have already banned 300,000 people permanently since launch.

“We will also continue to intensify our efforts to identify cheat providers, who distribute unauthorized third party software for modding or hacking.

What are they doing to combat cheaters?

Activision aims to provide a fair experience for all gamers, which is why the technology and security teams have provided solutions.

Weekly security updates.
Improved reporting mechanisms in game.
Added two-step verification, which has invalidated more than 180,000 suspicious accounts.
Removed numerous vendors of unauthorized software.
Increased number of teams dedicated to security.
In addition to all this, Activision has improved its internal anti-cheat software, while implementing new technology for detecting these behaviors. The company will continue to resort to expulsions and will continue to provide information in this regard. They are aware that cheaters are continually looking for vulnerabilities, so Americans will use resources to combat them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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