Call of Duty Warzone Season 5; News


Infinity Ward details the main novelties of the fifth season of Call of Duty: Warzone. Visit new interiors and get on the running train.

Season five has already arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone. The patch notes 1.24 has allowed us to know in detail what kind of corrections we can expect. Its usual weight, greater than 30GB on all platforms, indicates that we are facing a vital moment for the short-term future … and far away, in this case.

And it is that Verdansk has received this season the biggest changes in the map since its launch last March. Summer has been the chosen season to discover the interior of the stadium, among other changes and news. To discover his new battle pass, you can do it through this link.

Unpublished areas of the map

Infinity Ward wanted to delve into several of the existing areas along the map. The Acropolis National Stadium was until now a large inaccessible mass. That has changed from August 5, and is that now we can visit the interior at all levels: from the same lawn to the stands, cafes and locker room areas.

The loss of much of the roof allows access to its interior even from the sky. Whether you are parachuting or driving a helicopter, you can enter by air and land at any time. The grass, naturally, is not discovered, but there are structures that convert the terrain into a kind of small multiplayer map.

Another of the modified areas has been the main train station. Until now it was the typical sniper spot off the Promenade. However, now we can access its interior in every detail. Skylights have even been incorporated into the roof to bring diversity to those who choose to enter from above.

The station will see the locomotive set sail, which will traverse the main line throughout the southwestern area of ​​Verdansk. You will be able to find a large amount of equipment inside it, and by always being on the go it becomes a kind of dynamic parapet perfect for running away from your rival. And if you plan your strategy to follow, you will have to take into account the new climbing opportunities. Until now you could access high-rise buildings either by elevator cable or by stairs. Exterior cables have now been incorporated to allow rooftops to be reached without entering the first floor. You’ll find them in the smoke tower in Downtown and in Prison, among other places.

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As we said in the piece before the confirmation of the contents, players will be able to enjoy two new weapons: AN-94 and ISO. The assault rifle and submachine gun, respectively, incorporate variety into the two most widely used families of weapons in battle royale. Specifically, it highlights the inclusion of the burst in the first, something that has always gone hand in hand in this model during its appearances in other games.

The ISO, on the other hand, is a very moldable submachine gun given its size. Its high mobility capacity allows it to be ideal for those seeking speed. You will be able to exchange numerous pieces in the armorer.

Below we offer you the official descriptions from within the game:

  • AN-94 | State-of-the-art 5.45 x 39mm Russian assault rifle with special hyper-burst functionality. The initial shot when the trigger is pulled launches a rapid burst of 2 rounds before recoil is noted. This creates a compact group that increases the potential for damage. This mechanism is powered by an inclined loader and a reciprocal receiver helps control recoil. Unlocks for free upon reaching Battle Pass Level 31.
  • ISO | 9mm submachine gun, excellent workmanship and high rate of fire. It is a light and reliable weapon designed to control the battlefield at close range. You will be able to obtain it when you reach level 15 of the battle pass.


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