Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 | everything we know


We put on the table all the data we know so far in season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. The time is coming. Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare are preparing to receive Season 5, a period full of new experiences that bring variety to combat in all its aspects. From battle royale to competitive, August has a flavor of a new faction, new weapons, and a hundred-level grid to unlock through the Battle Pass.

For this reason, we review everything we know about the new season before its arrival. Infinity Ward has gradually revealed details that may have gone unnoticed by most. The content wheel keeps turning.

Season Five Date

The fifth season will arrive on August 5. Presumably it will do so between the 17:00 CEST and 19:00 CEST fork, which is when the rotation starts on a regular basis. The studio has already warned its followers that the download will be “big.” “It is a priority for us to reduce the overall size of Modern Warfare and Warzone on your hard drives, while also offering new seasons for everyone to enjoy,” acknowledged production manager Paul Haile. Zero surprises in this regard.

The usual cascade of corrections and balances at the start of the season is expected. Remember that the changes made in the middle of the fourth changed the absolute reign of the Grau 5.56. The reduction in power in its two main guns allowed it to be equated with other assault rifles of the same value. Although it is still one of the best weapons, we now find more diversity.

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The patch will bring changes for the first time in Verdansk. Based on what was published in the previous teasers, we can see the open stadium and a train running around the existing rail network. Everything seems to indicate that we will finally be able to enjoy the playable offer that awaits us inside the stadium, while the train speaks for itself: the locomotive can be a key point to receive equipment.

First teaser

The first teaser places us directly at the train station, right between Boneyard and the two promenade districts. In it we can see what the back of a locomotive looks like. Look at the tracks: it’s in the center one. There is a clear path between the abandoned station wagons. The date, August 5, eludes directly at the start of season 5. Look at the time: it is important to unite the rest.


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