Call of Duty Warzone receives support for DLSS on PC


Call of Duty Warzone: Activision took advantage of the arrival of the third season of Call of Duty Warzone to launch a long-awaited technical feature in the game: the DLSS. The computer version is now compatible with Nvidia’s technology that uses artificial intelligence to ensure more frames per second during gameplay.

DLSS is applied to the PC game after the 25 GB update that arrived in the early hours of Thursday (22). The functionality can be configured within the graphics menu and has four options for use.

The tool is available in Balanced, Quality, Performance and Ultra Performance mode. When enabled, DLSS replaces the anti-aliasing technology and, in addition to guaranteeing more frames per second, it can also bring a clearer image quality during gameplay.

Up to 70% extra performance

Available on RTX video cards, “Deep Learning Super Sampling” uses artificial intelligence to enlarge the image and relieve GPU processing. With this, the technology allows the video card to have extra power to help the processor deliver more frames per second in gameplay.

According to tests carried out by Nvidia, the tool guarantees up to 70% extra performance when used in 4K resolution. In addition to publishing a video showing the technology in action, the GPU manufacturer released benchmarks showing the benefits of using DLSS on several video cards compatible with the technology.

The RTX 2060, entry model of the GPU family with Ray Tracing, can deliver up to 121 frames per second with the new feature in action on the Call of Duty Warzone, if the processor can keep up with the performance. The video card delivers this performance with the game running with maximum graphics in Full HD and DLSS in Quality mode.

The RTX 3090, Nvidia’s most powerful graphics card, delivers the game at over 200 frames per second with DLSS in Full HD Quality mode. In 4K resolution, the GPU runs battle royale at up to 150 fps with the feature in action in the Performance setting.

In addition to running on Warzone, DLSS was also applied to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign. The graphic feature is also available in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, including in Zombies mode.


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