Call of Duty: Warzone receives previews of next season’s


Call of Duty: Warzone started to earn the first previews of next season in the game itself. Players began to receive interference noises on the screen with an audio alert in the middle of the gameplay, something similar to what happened when opening a chest at the Halloween event.

While walking around Rebirth Island, a player was surprised by what appears to be Morse code sounds.

Other players commented on the tweet explaining that they went through the same situation. In the case of @ConnorJPickford, it was still possible to hear some phrases in Russian, translated in the comments by a fan of the game. According to the translation, the sentence says something like: “Russian vessel Vodyanoy speaking, channel 1-2, I hang up. Requesting permission to transport cargo to Verdansk, I hang up.”

But that doesn’t seem to be the only new feature within Call of Duty: Warzone that deals with the next update. Another tweet from @charlieINTEL shows a machine in the game that would serve to call zombies. The object even has the indication for the player to press the button and start the action, but when triggered nothing happens.

A speculation for this button is that players could call on a horde of undead in the region of the map to face and get some loot left by them.


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