Call of Duty Warzone: leak reveals possible new map


The free battle royale Call of Duty Warzone may receive a new map, according to rumors and leaks that have surfaced on the internet. According to the information, which even includes an image, the new game location should be revealed in the next season of content, which begins on April 22.

The sources of the leak are Twitter profiles specializing in Call of Duty. The main details about the new map we currently have is a low-resolution image that shows the areas present in the next battle royale game location.

The map promises to bring a different geography than Verdansk, but it will be a large venue that should support matches with more than 100 players. The leaked image confirms the presence of snowy mountains, a mine and also a lake, which may indicate the presence of boats during gameplay.

Below, you can check the name of all areas that appear on the leaked map, which has not been confirmed by Activision until now:

Ski Slopes
Weather Station
Chemical Labs

Verdansk bombed

In addition to the leak showing an image of the possible map that will appear in the free Call of Duty mode, there are indications of what Activision’s campaign to launch the novelty will look like. According to speculation, the next battle royale scenario is expected to be released in Warzone’s third season, after Verdansk is bombed.

One of the focuses of the current Call of Duty Warzone season is an attack by zombies, which appear at certain points on the map. According to files found in the game and also a leaked trailer, the Verdansk map could undergo a nuclear attack to end the undead.

After the bombing, which should take place until the end of the season, Activision must completely remodel Verdansk or launch a new map for the game. In both cases, the expectation is that the venue will arrive with an 80s-inspired aesthetic, including locations that appear in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

So far, Activision has not officially commented on the matter, but it is removing all leaked promotional materials from the internet that indicate the news that will arrive in the third season. More responses are expected by April 22, when the new content will be released in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.


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