Call of Duty: Warzone launches its new Verdansk ’84 map


Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision announced today (22) a lot of news for Call of Duty Warzone Season 3, but nothing was more shocking than the unveiling of the new Verdansk ’84 map! The big star of the show has already arrived with everything, packed by an incredible trailer to the sound of a remix of Eye of the Tiger, a classic 80s of the band Survivor.

At the invitation of the producer, we had the chance to check out an exclusive presentation of the scenario, in addition to chatting with Miles Leslie, creative expert at Treyarch, and with Amos Hodge, Creative Director at Raven Sofware, about what to expect from this new map that promises a lot of fun and 1980s nostalgia for players!

From ashes to a new world

As fans may well know, this week we had the total destruction of the old map of Verdansk through a nuclear explosion, nothing more than a fun excuse to take us on a journey through time. After all, this is what transformed the old combat arena into what we now know as Verdansk ’84.

Despite the similar name, the scenario is practically a whole new map, and it will take hours for players to get used to their new locations and challenges. “We approached the map in several different ways, there was not a single idea of ​​gameplay in mind throughout development,” explained Amos.

“First we wanted to make everything very cohesive with Black Ops Cold War, so we started from there. We thought about Summit, since everyone loves Summit, and she is on top of a mountain in Black Ops, right? So naturally she also fit well in top of the Dam. ”

“Quarry, for example, was built in a way that you couldn’t drive there originally, and there were some buildings you couldn’t get into, so we’ve been polishing these little things, which means that now you can get into all constructions! ”

“Downtown was already too dense in buildings, so we fixed that too, but the key concept from the beginning was to create a real place, with credible transition points. We made sure to have some points more focused on nature, others with trails of train, because it’s these little details that really make it look like a functional city from start to finish. ”

The 1980s were awesome!

Naturally, time travel also served to re-adapt weapons, which now have an aesthetics and attributes that refer directly to Black Ops Cold War, the other current COD game that is increasingly integrated into the Warzone experience.

Giving players a retro vibe in an effective and fun way was always a focus of the development team. As Miles Leslie told us, “As we collided the worlds of the two most recent CODs, we realized that we had great creative opportunities to immerse ourselves in the pop culture of the day.”

“Because there are people who lived in the 1980s and they must remember them fondly, but there are also children who only know them through the media, so we always need to hit the right notes of nostalgia to catch the two audiences. This goes through the songs , stars, everything we try to implement as the season continues. ”

With the addition of the Verdansk ’84 map, Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 has already taken its final form, and we will spend the next few months having fun in this new setting! What did you think of this map? Looking forward to reliving the ’80s? Tell us in the comments below!


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