Call of Duty: Warzone Gets a New Update in Season 5


Activision and Infinity Ward detail all the content that comes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone with its new update, now available.

As of this Tuesday, August 25, the new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is already available, which brings numerous new features to the game such as the Summer Games, a complete event lasting more than a week that we It will allow you to try new game modes and get new weapons, among other rewards. Here are the detailed notes for this new patch, which weighs 10.6 GB on PS4, 14.09 GB on Xbox One and 11.3GB (F2P) / 17.6GB (Premium) on PC.

CoD: Modern Warfare and Warzone New Patch Notes

Modern Warfare:

  • Battlefield
  • Ground War Reinforce (32 Players)
  • Shooting plane
  • Shoot the ship
  • Take on the Verdansk Stadium (2v2)


  • BR Solos
  • BR Duos
  • BR Threesomes
  • BR ATVs
  • Looting: Quads
  • King Slayer trios

General adjustments:

  • Ground War: we can now appear in APC even during combat, as long as the vehicle has enough health.
  • Now we can inspect our weapon during the infiltration sequences
  • Fixed a bug where players could see the tracker’s footprints on the ground after respawning, even when they didn’t have the perk equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the Riot Shield could appear sideways in the preview screen.
    Additionally, a bug where the Riot Shield could appear crooked in the squad’s path has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the use of flaming throwing knives would not restore dead silence.
    The challenge for week 1 of season 5 reads: “Summon UAV Killstreak personal streak 7 times.” It should be written as personal radar.
  • The challenge for week 1 reads: “Play 3 games with Wyatt and your Coalition Operator.”
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard could reflect inaccurate information when going from a multiplayer match to a Warzone match.
  • Fixed a bug where some users could not unlock players.
  • Fixed a bug where the “World Eater” business card would appear animated, even though it should be a static image.
  • Fixed an issue where partially viewing the death chamber and then skipping it can sometimes result in a reduced respawn time
  • Various fixes to help the Tomogunchi Turbo watch perform as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the detention round field upgrade could become unlimited after using the same weapon twice.
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