Call Of Duty: Warzone Developers Strike After Layoffs


Call Of Duty: Warzone: Employees at Raven Software, the Activision studio behind the hugely popular and profitable Call of Duty: Warzone, began a strike today (6) in response to layoffs that took place at the company as of last Friday (3).

At the time, temporary employees of the Quality Assurance sector were dismissed from the developer without prior notice, suddenly having their contracts terminated.

Those responsible for the studio would have informed the team that meetings would be held to decide which employees would have their contracts extended in the coming months. At first, as part of the result of the first meetings, the executives would have decided not to carry out 30% of the contracts in the Quality sector, which would be dismissed from the company as of January 28, 2022.

In contact with Kotaku, company collaborators said that “the Quality Assurance department is essential for the daily functioning of the studio as a whole”. According to them, “ending the contracts of high-performance testers in a period of consistent work and profit puts the studio’s health at risk.”

On the other hand, Activision Publishing countered by justifying that it was hiring hundreds of employees, having only needed to lay off a few. “We are converting approximately 500 temporary employees into full ones in the coming months,” a company spokesman said. “Unfortunately, as part of this change, we notified 20 temporary employees in all at our studios that their contracts would not be extended,” he concluded.

These “surprise layoffs” do nothing to help the image of Activision, which after several accusations has been pressured for changes by the US government.