Call of Duty Warzone: Developer Hates Game Cheaters


Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most successful games today, and free to play has become even more robust with the arrival of its Third Season full of news, but developer Raven remains very frustrated with the amount of cheaters present in the battle royale.

Despite all its efforts to prevent hackers, the studio has suffered from cheaters inside matches for a long time, and not even the large amount of bans and the presence of a team dedicated to mitigating the problem can end so many cheaters.

In an interview with the VGC website, Raven’s creative director, Amos Hodge, with whom we have also talked about the news in the Verdansk ’84 map, said that “no one hates cheaters more than we do. Cheating is something that our security team needs to deal with, and we ban a lot of people and we have tools to report cheaters. ”

“We make this content for the players and, although you are rightly upset when someone spoils your game, I am upset that they are ruining some of the best work I have ever done! No one hates cheaters more than we do, because we put everything our heart in that content. There are already over 100 million players, and I know that our security team is working hard for them. ”

Have you encountered many cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone? What did you think of the latest game news? Comment below!


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