Call of Duty Warzone: Developer Bans More Than 50,000 Accounts


Call of Duty Warzone: US game publisher Activision has been impatient with the rogue players of Call of Duty: Warzone. Last Friday (16), developer Raven Software announced that more than 50,000 accounts have been banned after the latest update of its anti-cheat system.

In its statement, the company stressed that “it had been a while” since the last wave of bans and therefore something that needed to be done to restore order to servers. According to them, the operation “aimed at attacking repeat offenders and much more.”

mass ban

Since the game was released in March 2020, Activision has performed around 500,000 account bans for hacking and other breaches. In the last few months, the large amount of users using some kind of cheat as an aim enhancement has become a common situation on the battlefield in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Despite this being a long-standing problem among gamers, the size and complexity of the game make it virtually impossible to abolish cheaters once and for all — as it will always be possible to find a loophole in the development code.

On the other hand, Activision stressed that it has done its job and is constantly making plans to try to mitigate the problem. For this, some solutions include carrying out daily bans or even banning hardware for serial offenders, as most end up creating another account to repeat the violation.

Fight against hackers

The large presence of cheaters in Raven Software’s battle royale is something that bothers the company for a long time. In an interview with VGC in April this year, the developer’s creative director, Amos Hodge, even said that “no one hates cheaters more than we do. Cheating is something our security team needs to deal with, and we’ve banned one lots of people and we have tools to report cheaters.”

During his speech, Hodge stated that he understands the frustration of real Call of Duty: Warzone players, but that he also feels quite upset that some players are finding ways to ruin one of the best jobs of their lives.

Recently, Activision has taken steps to deal with new artificial intelligence software used by malicious players to benefit from the game. Although the cheat can only be used by a small portion of users with a computer that can handle high frame rates, the company doesn’t want to let the problem spread quickly.


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