Call of Duty Warzone: Custom Battle Royale Matches


Great news for Call of Duty Warzone fans! Private Battle Royale matches are now available. This is great news for Call of Duty fans. Indeed, in Call of Duty Warzone, private Battle Royale matches have made their appearance, and these are not the only new features of the action game, then.

Indeed, fans of the iconic video game have managed to get their hands on the famous “private matches”. This therefore allows them to avoid unnecessary nuisance.

Among them are pirates and snipers, but that’s not all. Big news this time around, the private match beta, which is already available, already has three different variants, therefore.

As a reminder, Battle Royale needs at least 50 players to start a game. The teams must also be varied in order to be able to start games.

To start tournaments, Plunder needs 30 players to start. Mini Battle Royale therefore needs 24 players to start.


Since something new never comes alone, know that the new Call of Duty is less heavy than its predecessor, a good point not to be overlooked, therefore. Indeed, this version will therefore weigh 25 GB against 33 GB previously on the PlayStation 4, therefore.

On the subject of image quality, again, Call of Duty allows its users to choose the image resolution themselves. Another rather positive point, so well done!

On the PC, the weight of the title has also been lowered, therefore. Indeed, the developers have implemented texture streaming which allows data related to weapons to be loaded, even in low flow, therefore.

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Finally, note that the famous Nuketown multiplayer map will land in 1984 version on November 24, therefore. So you got it: Call of Duty Warzone promises great news to its fans.


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