Call of Duty Warzone, a year after the first jump


March 10 marked the first anniversary of Call of Duty: Warzone on the market. We review the keys to its success as a pillar of the saga.

Call of Duty: Warzone is celebrating its birthday. The battle royale of the successful Activision brand celebrates its first 12 months in the market, a period of time marked by the numbers of its community and the importance of living with the main delivery on duty. But the title set in Verdansk has become more than a complement to multiplayer: it is one of the pillars that sustain the current ecosystem of the saga.

In this piece we will take a short tour of the key moments that he has gone through throughout these 365 days.

Origin: breaking up with Blackout

Since the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in late 2019, an extension of his work in the online arena has flown around Infinity Ward. Nor was it surprising that Activision continued to bet on battle royale; Without going any further, Blackout was in the struggle, had its moment and shortly after it deflated. They needed a game that did not convey the feeling of having an expiration date, of being able to look at the long term. That’s where Warzone came in.

The open secret materialized practically 24 hours after launching. It was real: Call of Duty made the leap to free to play on the main desktop platforms. He did it with an independent title, but at the same time linked to the main delivery. Warzone and Modern Warfare were separate entities that in turn nurtured each other. A synergy that provided one more incentive to players: cross progress. Although the soft reboot of the subsaga was already betting on it, in addition to crossplay on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, to all this was added the possibility that all your progress was transversal. What you progressed in battle royale had real-time impact on Modern Warfare, and vice versa.

Warzone bet on a different way of understanding the concept of genre compared to Blackout. Here we found a playable formula based purely on your skill with weaponry, a philosophy that draws from the classic 6vs6. Inventory, accessory parts were dispensed with … Just your armor plates, your pair of throwers, ammunition and the pair of weapons of your choice. No more no less.


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