Call of Duty must return the bet


Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the most beloved parts of the franchise for several reasons. It had an impressive campaign that featured characters like Frank Woods, and there was a twist that is still being talked about. His version of Zombies made the mode popular, and maps like Kino Der Toten and Ascension instantly became iconic. In terms of multiplayer, the game had one of the best weapon and map lines the series has ever seen, ensuring that all three of its core experiences became a hit.

Along with classic maps such as Nuketown, Summit and Firing Range, fans of the multiplayer game got the opportunity to play betting. These betting matches served as variants of party games such as Sticks and Stones, One in the Chamber, and Gun Game, with the key difference being that players had to stake some of their COD points. While some changes may be needed to justify the return of betting matches in the modern game, this system is worth bringing back as it has made group games significantly more intense.

Why Betting Matches Need to be adjusted

Back in 2010, cash on delivery points meant something completely different than they do now. In Call of Duty: Black Ops, cash on delivery points were an in-game currency that could not be unlocked by spending real money, and they were used to buy in-game cosmetics. Players were constantly in need of cash—on-delivery points, from camouflage for weapons to business cards, and they could be earned during a natural game – or in large quantities in a bet. By winning the bet, players could withdraw cash on delivery points from other players, earning in-game money to buy things like gold camouflage for weapons much faster.

In 2022, cash on delivery points will become the main form of microtransactions in the Call of Duty series. Players use cash on delivery points to purchase combat passes and kits on the in-game market. While it would be interesting to see how the new cash-on-delivery points are used in betting, as it would make the bets even higher, it could be considered as a real gamble, as players would be betting the paid currency. However, there are other ways to try Wager Matches again.

Potential substitutes for Cash on Delivery Points in the New Bid Matching System

If betting matches return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or another upcoming game, they may see players playing with their makeup. For example, players could put their hard-earned business cards on the card, choosing which cards they lay out for the draw. If they lose, they may have to unlock their lost business cards again, although players from the top three can keep their cards, as well as get a selection of other business cards that have been put on the line. Emblems would be an equally viable option for a wagering match.

Weapon blueprints are another good choice, mainly because the mechanics of trading have already leaked into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. If Activision and Infinity Ward are willing to let players exchange blueprints of their weapons with each other, it wouldn’t be too hard to let them play with them through Wager matches. Players could put their drawings on the line at the entrance to the bet, and at the end participants could choose their drawings. The players who took the first place will keep the bet item and will be able to choose between all the others in the prize pool, and the order of choice depends on the place in the match.

Operator skins are another possible bet item, ensuring that there are many ways that could be used to bring back wagering matches. Although the use of cash on delivery points may again prove controversial, since gamers will, in fact, be betting real money, a good alternative may be to bet on already unlocked items. While there should always be a normal Party Games playlist for those who want to have a little fun, those who want to participate in some high-stakes matches should not go back to the almost unpopulated Call of Duty 2010 game.