Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sees Warzone


Infinity Ward shares with a Twitch streamer the first clue about the upcoming content that will appear in their two video games.

Amid rumors about The Red Door, the code name linked to Call of Duty 2020, Activision and Infinity Ward remain focused on the two current games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone. Both titles follow the pattern of battle passes, so they add free content for seasons. The fourth has been running for several weeks, but the flow of operators, maps and game modes will continue as planned, as the Americans have shared a first preview of Season 5.

Infinity Ward has relied on a streamer (Nickmercs) to show that first look, which judging by the images has a lot to do with trains. In the very short video, a sequence recorded by a security camera is reproduced, in which the train tracks can be glimpsed. It is filmed from inside the vehicle’s cabin, although little else is clearly taken from those seconds of footage, beyond the fact that the train accesses the Verdansk map.

What is known about The Red Door?

That Activision has a new production underway is something that has leaked from the Microsoft store itself. However, the North American giant remains silent regarding the announcement of a new Call of Duty. The leaks suggest that The Red Door, which still appears on the Redmond platform, is the title of the saga that will be released this year. “There is more than one truth. If you are looking for answers, be prepared to question everything and accept that nothing is going to be like before. The Red Door awaits you, do you dare to enter it? “, Reads the description. The required disk space, of more than 80 GB, is another indication that it is not exactly a minor project.

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