Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 shared the official launch trailer


Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has shared an official trailer ahead of release later this month.

The next game in the Call of Duty series is coming out on October 28, and before the launch, changes will be made to the visibility system and audio system after receiving feedback received during the weekend of beta testing of the first-person shooter.

At the end of the last planned beta weekend of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward published a blog in which she told what the developer plans to change, including “refinements” that include an improved camera shoulder shift, while Infinity Ward admitted that she has “a lot of bugs that need to be fixed.” work out” for the “Ground War” and “Invasion” maps.

Other planned changes to the game include improved navigation for AI in Invasion, while Infinity Ward is “actively looking for potential solutions” to problems with the dissolution of the lobby.

Looking ahead, “in the coming weeks” we plan to share other news about the Call Of Duty Ricochet cheat protection system and what is being done to prevent hacking. Modern Warfare 2 players have often noted cheating as a problem in beta, although Infinity Ward recently confirmed that it has taken more action against hackers in the last days of beta testing.

Reviewing the beta version of Modern Warfare 2, NME said: “Of course, as the main bastard of Call Of Duty once quoted: the more things change, the more they stay the same. There are still some Call Of Duty-related rough edges in Modern Warfare 2: the snowball effect of a murder series can be difficult to handle when you’re facing an experienced team, and unless you’re a Call Of Duty fan, it’s unlikely that Modern Warfare 2 will do enough to change that for you.

“At the same time, Modern Warfare 2 seems to be the perfect ideal of everything you could expect, and the beta version provided a good reason to buy when the game is released on October 28.”


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