Call of Duty Mobile: We are not aiming to replace the game


We interviewed Chris Plummer, VP of the Mobile team at Activision, to talk about the first anniversary of Call of Duty: Mobile and its future.

October 1 marked the first anniversary of the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile, the first real bet to faithfully transfer the formula of the saga to mobile devices. The close collaboration between Tencent Games and Activision left us an ambitious free to play, which 12 months later can boast of having offered 10 seasons full of content for its community.

For this reason, we sat down via telematics with Chris Plummer, VP of the mobile team at Activision, to talk about the keys to their success and what we can expect from their coexistence with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Plummer has a long history in the industry, 25 years that have led him to companies such as Electronic Arts and Zynga. Their experience was added when it came to charting what they were looking for with Call of Duty: Mobile.

MeriStation: You have worked in the industry for 25 years, in companies like Electronic Arts or Zynga. How has the industry changed from those days until now? Especially around the mobile video game
Chris Plummer: Good question. The mobile gaming space has changed very fast, when smartphones first arrived, you know. In 2008 and 2009, there was a feeling at the time that this could perhaps replace the portable video game. It was a great time around them, but the business model was totally out of date. A couple of years later what we found was that mobile was a place where free to play really became the predominant business model. But as people were trying to figure out how to make it a profitable free-to-play business, they put some restrictions on, you know, the type of those games, the ambition of the games that they could carry out. So we saw a lot of casual games, a lot of simple games. But over time, the audience increased. Everyone has a smartphone, everyone is very used to, you know, picking up their device during a break or when they are going somewhere, or even on a train, and it became part of our lifestyle.

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So with that way of increasing the audience, it really opened the canvas of what the great dream of the mobile video game has been, which was, you know, Triple A quality, high-caliber entertainment that is consumed in a different way, at the moment. and whenever you want. So the introduction of a Triple A IP like Call of Duty, the ambitious scale of the project has been a combination of the audience out there. And also of the existing technology. Also the desire to make it come true, has a lot of difficulty developing this kind of Triple A experience in such a small device. But, you know, now we are seeing that it is becoming more and more common. Players can see what is possible and their expectations continue to rise. So we’re excited to be able to serve those players with Call of Duty: Mobile, and we want to continue to build on that success for years to come.


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