Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 goes dark mode


Call of Duty Mobile continues with Season 12 after the 1st Anniversary season. The dark mode stands out among the benefits of the 12th season of the game called “Diving into the Dark”.

With Season 12, a new battle ticket to the game, lots of new content and “Knights Divided?” Along with the themed event, night mode maps are also added. The new season update also brings the Hackney Yard map known for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to the game. In addition, there will be special offers and price offers that will not be missed for the players throughout the season.

The new Call of Duty Mobile season, called Diving into the Dark, has been available for download on iOS and Android devices as of yesterday. New content and updates coming to the game are listed as follows:

  • New Multiplayer Map? Hackney Yard
  • New Legendary Character – Dark Nikto
  • Night Mode Maps? Crash, Summit and Hackney Yard
  • New Battle Royale Class? Restorative
  • New Feature? Ultimate Rocket Launcher
  • 2 New Special Weapons? AGR556 and.50 GS
  • New Operator Skill? Ballistic Shield
  • New Game Modes? Night mode and Attack of the Living Dead for Team Deathmatches
  • Season 12: Diving into the Dark Battle Pass? New characters, weapons, equipment and more.
  • Special Event? Divided Knights
  • New Seasonal Median Readings
  • New content and equipment available from the in-game store

While some changes have been made to the interface with the Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 update, weapon balances and gameplay optimizations are among the benefits of the pack.

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