Call of Duty Mobile reveals the fifth season in a tropical theme


Activision Blizzard’s free Call of Duty Mobile game is entering its 5th season, and it has just been confirmed that the season has a tropical theme included in various ways. This includes a tropical map, weapon blueprints, amulets for weapons, seasonal tests, a themed event and much more that will soon appear in Call of Duty Mobile.

The 4th season of Call of Duty Mobile Wild Dogs featured many faces returning from previous games of the Call of Duty franchise, such as Roach and Farah in a combat pass, and the 5th season features predominantly female characters. The new map that appeared in Call of Duty Mobile with the latest season, dubbed “Tropical Vision”, is a fan-favorite map from an older Call of Duty game in which players will run through the jungle to kill enemy soldiers.

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The Apocalypse from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War joins the rotation of Call of Duty Mobile maps with the 5th season of Tropical Vision and follows a three-lane structure through closed and open spaces. Call of Duty Mobile also gets a new game mode with Tropical Vision, known as Guns Blazing Encore, which will turn players filling the rage scale into super soldiers with two death machines and increased health. The goal of Guns Blazing Encore is to become the first Call of Duty Mobile player to score 30 points, while regular kills bring one point, and super soldier kills bring three points.

Call of Duty Mobile has confirmed that its battle pass for Tropical Vision will include items of varying value, with most of them being part of the premium pass. Some weapons that will be unlocked as you progress through the combat pass are the Tiki Troops shotgun, the Oden assault rifle and the Echo Grenade, and there will also be blueprints for the AK—47, MSMC, PKM and the Kilo slide-action sniper rifle. Players who want to see the other side of the iconic Call of Duty character, Sope, can get his Vacay Ready Operator skin by completing the tasks of the Flood Team Bravo event in a multiplayer game and a royal battle.

While many Call of Duty Mobile fans celebrated what would be in the free FPS game with Season 5 Tropical Vision, others lamented the missing tournament mode, problems with player rating selection and some nerfs of weapons. Given the fact that Apocalypse is a classic Call of Duty map with a jungle theme, it’s fitting that Activision Blizzard includes all sorts of other free and paid tropical items during season 5. The 5th season of Tropical Vision is released on June 1, leaving Call of Duty. Mobile players only have a couple of days to complete the Season 4 battle pass.

Call of Duty Mobile is already available for Android and iOS.