Call of Duty Mobile 2021 championship: record prize money


Call of Duty Mobile 2021 World Championship was officially announced today. While the highly anticipated Esports tournament is opening its doors for a cutthroat competition; The conditions of participation and the stages of the event have been determined. Although the date of the Call of Duty Mobile 2021 World Championship has not been announced yet, the developer team reported that it will distribute 2 million dollars to the players in the tournament.

The tournament will be sponsored by Sony

The new official World Championship for Call of Duty Mobile 2021 is coming. This will be a unique opportunity for players who want to show themselves. CoD players will be able to participate in the event for free. Users from all over the world will show their skills to the full. The sponsor of the tournament will be Sony. However, there are some criteria for this tournament where players can participate for free.

Criteria for participation in the World Championship

To participate in the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, players must meet a set of minimum standards. Players of level 10 or higher can access Ranked Multiplayer matches. Players can participate in several game events after entering this sequential mode. Thus, they can qualify for the regional stages of the tournament.

Activision stated that users must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Call of Duty mobile tournament. All players who meet the required criteria will be included in the championship free of charge.

The tournament consists of many stages

The first phase of the event will take place in single player mode. This mode will consist of five different stages in total. Players must score at least 60 points in any of these battles. Players will be eligible to move on to the second stage after completing the first stage.

The second stage includes the game mode that requires players to form teams. After the players recover their teams, they will qualify, and after each game, the last team will bid farewell to the championship. The best teams go to the Regional Playoffs until they make it to the World Championship Finals.

For many Call of Duty Mobile players, this championship is considered a great opportunity to showcase their skills. Featuring a huge $ 2 million prize pool, the event will be the scene of tough struggles. Call of Duty Mobile is currently available for iOS and Android devices.


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