Call of Duty is More Work Than You Think, says ex-Sledgehammer


Call of Duty: As successful as the Call of Duty franchise is commercially, many players turn a blind eye to its annual releases and find developing each title a simple process, without soul or commitment. But Glen Schofield, a former Sledgehammer developer, bluntly disagrees with that view.

Glen worked for 10 years at the studio and was directly involved in the creation of games such as Advanced Warfare, Modern Warfare 3 and WWII. Although today he works at Striking Distance Studios, the developer still holds a lot of affection for his previous work, and defended them in an interview with EDGE magazine.

“Many people think that to make a Call of Duty game you just put all the parts in a blender and then throw them one after the other, but that’s not quite the case. Each chapter involves a lot of research and work,” mused Glen. “For three years I studied World War II working with historians and experts.”

“I spent eight days traveling around Europe to visit the places mentioned in the game, I had to shoot with old weapons, so there is always a dense and deep work. It is necessary to constantly evaluate what we do with experts, read a lot and watch videos!”

Glen also stressed that each game was the result of a lot of effort on the part of the entire team, and that the US Special Forces themselves provide consultancy to teach the techniques seen in games. But what about you, what do you think of this vision? What is your opinion on the CoD franchise? Comment below!