Call of Duty Cold War hile ile gündemde!


There is already cheating in the Call of Duty Cold War beta. The beta of the game was opened for players who pre-ordered as of yesterday. It is quite strange that there is already a cheat in the game, which is very good in terms of gameplay.

Call of Duty Cold War Beta includes aimbot and wallhack

The beta process of the game for pre-order players opened yesterday. There are aimbots in the game which is on day 2 today. Players who encountered the cheating shared the clips they received on the game’s page on Reddit. It seems that the actors are clearly cheating. Some players have been reported to use aimbot and wallhack together.

According to the clip shared by another player and his statements, he plays the game in the 1st hour of beta and encounters cheating in the first hour of the game, it must be quite bad to encounter cheating in the first hours of a game. Cold War seems to have lagged in security, perhaps the game’s source code is very similar to the previous game. That’s why programmers were able to crack Cold War so quickly.

According to this third clip, the player is at the 18th hour of beta and is facing such a trick. The cheater player hits 6 opponents in a very short time. If we look at these fast mouse movements, we can definitely call it aimbot. The developer team has not released a statement or update regarding the cheats.


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