Call of Duty blocked half a million toxic users


Call of Duty has blocked half a million toxic users. The latest Call of Duty blog post details the team’s commitment to fighting toxicity in the hope of a positive gameplay experience for its player base.

Despite the fact that Call of Duty is famous for toxic players regardless of the platform they play on, the development team is trying to fix it for its users. The new Call of Duty Code of Conduct, as shown in the blog post, expresses an ethical code for treating others with respect, honesty, in-game messaging and security measures. In other words, the Call of Duty team encourages the community to use these tools in an attempt to weed out toxic players from the player base, for example, requiring players to recognize this code of conduct so that they can participate in open beta testing. for modern warfare 2.

Although 350,000 Call of Duty bans were reported as of May 2021, that number has now exceeded that number, reaching 500,000 blocked accounts. In addition to these 500,000 blocked accounts, the blog also notes that 300,000 accounts have been renamed thanks to an automatic filtering system. Also, 14 new languages have been added for text chat, which can help in identifying inappropriate usernames. As stated in the blog post, the combination of a filtering system and human moderation is how the Call of Duty team identifies offensive expressions, which led to a 55 percent decrease in the number of offensive usernames and clans in Call of Duty Warzone in just a month. only August. With the disclosure of the date and time of Call of Duty Warzone 2, players can assume that this vigilance will carry over into the long-awaited next iteration of Call of Duty.

Fans of first-person shooters seem to gravitate towards Call of Duty, as Black Ops Cold War is one of the best-selling games of recent years. Given the popularity of Call of Duty, it’s nice to see that the team is fighting toxicity so aggressively.

Since Call of Duty’s life cycles are also increasing, offering potential post-launch content related to both the campaign and the multiplayer game, it’s good that the team has introduced and actively monitors its player base for any forms of toxic behavior. Due to the longer life cycle, it can be expected that the number of players actively using these services will remain stable, which will give the team and other players ample opportunities to improve their community and gaming experience.


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