Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Will Be Similar to Among Us


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is about to receive its Season 5 and, among the news, the highlight is the inclusion of a mode called Double Agent, in which players must deduce who is the spy infiltrated in the group before he does. eliminate them all, in the best Among Us style. The new Season, which arrives on August 12th, will also have new maps and news for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Dual Agent mode will put players each with a random role. Most will act as Operators and need to find out who the group’s spy is and try to survive the onslaught of the infiltrated enemy. The Investigator will be responsible for trying to find out and point out who the big imposter is. And finally, the Agent will be the villain with the task of eliminating your allies or planting and detonating bombs on the map.

The big difference between the mode and Among Us is that only one player will be responsible for accusing and pointing out the infiltrator, while the other players must present concrete evidence and accusations for the Investigator to make the correct decision.

New in CoD Multiplayer: Black Ops Cold War

Another mode that will return in CoD: Cold War will be Demolition. In it, one team needs to deactivate the opponent’s bombs, while the other team tries to keep them running. There will also be the addition of five new maps in Multiplayer Mode, they are: Echelon, Slums, Showroom, Drive-In and Zoo.

Zombie Mode will gain a new region: Collateral, in addition to a new Pandemic Objective, which will be to escort a vehicle as it crosses a map full of creatures. Finally, players will also have new perks, field improvements and a support weapon.

New Mode in Call of Duty: Warzone

The free Battle Royale will also get new features. The main one is the Clash Mode, which will bring fights between two teams of 50 players, in which the one who reaches 200 points first wins. There will also be no death limits in it, meaning players will be able to revive as many times as necessary. The Verdansk map will gain new areas, such as the Mobile Transmission Stations.

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