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The studio promises changes to weapon balance and kill streaks at the start of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

The early days of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the market are being revealing for Treyarch. The information they collect from players will be relevant for the coming weeks, especially for “weapon balancing, kill streaks and more.”

This is stated by Tony Flame, Lead Designer at Treyarch, through his personal account on Twitter: “There will be changes in the balance of weapons, casualty streaks and more with the arrival of Season 1, if not before. We are already seeing some interesting trends in the statistics, but it is too early to draw conclusions, ”he says.

Flame ensures that if you provide feedback, “we will see it and take it into consideration.” The official Reddit channel is full of users who share their first discrepancies with some elements that accompany the launch. One of them is the progression of weapons, “too slow” as discussed in this thread. On the other hand, one sector explains with evidence that the predetermined targeting assistance gives “more help” than usual in the franchise.

In the case of current weaponry, the MP5 has become a meme of the community. Nadeshot, a competitive gamer, comments that the weapon “may be one of the most overpowered SMGs in Call of Duty history.” It doesn’t help that it’s the first model in his family to unlock.

Through this link you can browse our detailed guide about the game. In it you will find all the secrets, tips and tricks to succeed in multiplayer. As always, the guide is constantly evolving, so we urge you to check back frequently for the latest news on the Treyarch shooter. If you haven’t bought it yet, here you will see all the editions available since its launch.

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