Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Alpha impressions.


The first contact with the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been positive. We tell you what elements vary in the formula.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has already passed the public user test for the first time. The Alpha, available for a limited time on PS4, has allowed us to see how Treyarch’s new job feels. He agrees with his statements during the reveal: Cold War feels closer to the classic installment than Modern Warfare 2019 was.

Some changes are bold and require modifications; others, successful. Black Ops Cold War sits on the line between classic and modern Call of Duty pack. Forget any tactical component: the adrenaline rush is back.

Playable changes

The change in elevation between the two deliveries is noticeable. Black Ops Cold War is a game that from the first moment invites you to be fast, agile, not to have to stop moving around the map. Control is the first change on the long list of Americans. Characters have greater movement capabilities, from those who initiate combat to those who serve as an escape route.

The new sprint fits perfectly into what Treyarch wants to propose. When you press the button, we will get a small speed bonus during the initial seconds of the race. There is no place for brisk walking, but everyone from the start will have an unlimited run. This allows just what we said before: not stop moving. Running, sliding, jumping, running again, sliding… the chain of mobility is linked between actions with complete naturalness.

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This precedent responds to the inclusion of Ninja as a third equippable advantage. Guiding yourself by sound is less important than what is proposed by Infinity Ward. Neither the footsteps sound so strong nor the location of the shots is so relevant. This is not to say that it becomes a trivial aspect; Nothing is further from reality. But it is true that efforts to create that kind of under-hoof experience have been lost. We must also take into account the return of the original minimap, with its red pointers for non-silenced shots and so on, thus losing the organic information we receive.

At that level of movements that we referred to earlier, it is enhanced by the extensive class system. Wild cards are pretty much in Treyarch’s DNA, and Black Ops Cold War wouldn’t miss out on incorporating them. These allow us to have double the advantages, place accessories in all the holes of the weapon, double the number of thrown weapons, among others. Imagine a class with double benefits – more playable options and tools.


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