Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War — 6 Tips for the Jungle Map


Call of Duty: Black OpsCold War is not without flaws, but in the eyes of many it is one of the strongest parts of the Call of Duty series. Its shortcomings can largely be forgiven if you consider that the game was ordered by Treyarch in a short time and suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The release of Call of Duty: Vanguard has led to many players returning to Black Ops Cold War due to the excellent gameplay, maps, modes and frequent updates. This entry brought many new maps to the franchise, but also re-introduced some old ones, such as the fan-favorite jungle map. There are a few tips that players should remember to achieve the best results in the jungle.

Black Ops Cold War was one of the best FPS games in 2020, so it’s nice to see that it continues to receive support.

Ping enemies

Players must search for enemies using the D-Pad, as this allows other teammates to know about certain places on the map where there may be enemies waiting for an easy kill.

If the team does not communicate with each other in voice chat, the best option is to use ping requests. Players returning to COD who have been absent for several games may not know that they can do this in the Cold War.

Move with the team

Players who are not so familiar with the map will want to move with their team, as this will increase their chances of survival in shootouts if other players have quick reflexes. Cold War has a mix of incredible multiplayer modes where teamwork is more important than anything else.

When you roam as a lone wolf, outflanking the enemy and unpredictability increase the chances of success for fast players using submachine guns or other gear depending on speed; however, most of the time in Black Ops Cold War it is better to move as a group. This can help reduce the number of player deaths and increase the team’s chances of winning.

Use the cover

The jungle is a well—designed map with many open areas that can mean death for the player if they are not properly protected by shelter. Players should think about their movements when moving around the map and make sure that they are not shot by a sniper or another teammate in a better position. Black Ops Cold War gets the cover right, giving players enough to make it an option, but not too much to become the default tactic for everyone. Such a shelter treatment should be in the next COD game.

It’s one of the fundamentals of any shooter that players should use cover whenever possible. As Call of Duty games shift towards more tactical gameplay, using shelters has never been a more important part of gameplay.

Use viewpoints

Right in the center of the jungle map there is a cliff that gives the player an overview of most of the area. The cliff should be considered as the most dangerous place on the map, as many fights tend to gather there between players with submachine guns and augmented reality and even snipers who can dominate public matches.

Players who use the cliff must make sure they are well equipped with the strong gear and reactions necessary to be able to stand in the most open place on the map, but kill people from almost anywhere.

Wear clothes that are in harmony

Black Ops Cold War allows players to customize the appearance of their Operator by offering various cosmetic items that are added with each new season. Some of these options include clothing such as a camouflage suit, but there are other stealth outfits available. Changing outfits is a feature that some players didn’t know they could do in Black Ops Cold War.

Since there are many areas in the jungle that are well hidden due to the inclusion of rocks, shrubs and trees, players should use clothes of a darker and more earthy color. This can lead to opponents missing the player’s location, which will give the latter enough time to pick him up from hiding.

Run along the outskirts of the map

This advice applies not only to the jungle, but also to many Black Ops Cold War maps. In the game, players can run around the edges of the map in a full circle, never going into the center. The center of the maps is usually where most of the action takes place, so by avoiding this by constantly bypassing the outskirts, you can help players keep up with the revival changes and mow down several players with less difficulty. Even players who dominate PVP with assault rifles need to be careful not to risk themselves for no reason in the epicenter of the battle.

This will obviously depend on the game mode, as target-based ones like Hardpoint or Sabotage will move around the target locations.