Call of Duty: Allows players to relive on Warzone endlessly!


Big bug in Call of Duty Warzone! Players have found a way to respawn endlessly … And therefore to win the game!

Rebirth Island is therefore aptly named! Indeed, gamers have discovered a bug in Call of Duty Warzone … But not just any: a bug that ensures them a victory at the end of the game!

In season 1 of Warzone, fans had the pleasure of finding a map: Alcatraz. Or rather Rebirth Island … But “Rebirth Island” is a bit too aptly named in this version of the game!

A team of the game indeed testifies to a strange bug … After his death, he saw his teammate come back as if he had never died! Moi865 thus testifies to this strange moment on Call Of Duty.

“On Rebirth Island, after I died and the third teammate left the game, my ‘eyesight’ froze and my teammate continued to redeploy over and over. ”

Even worse, this bug lasted “until everyone died in gas and we won the game.” A big thorn in the side of Call of Duty… But who can win everything!


A good-looking player, the team are still asking for a helping hand from the game. “If this is another bug exploit please fix it as quickly as possible. “It must also be said that moi865 must have been bored!

Because yes, his teammate has infinite respawn until victory … But me865 was never able to come back, in return. Call of Duty may therefore have a big problem to solve!

Especially since the big can be seen very, very quickly. In the Reddit video, we find the name of the teammate dozens of times. He thus finds the map with each death …

A rather strange problem, therefore, which may favor a lot of players … Call of Duty will therefore have to review its Rebirth Island!


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