Call of Duty 2024 Must Reinvent The Advantages of Zombies


It’s no secret that Call of Duty Zombies has been having a hard time lately. The version of the favorite cooperative mode Call of Duty: Vanguard was filled with numerous minuses and several highs, and the map “Archon” was the last disappointment. As the community disperses and moves on to other games, and Modern Warfare 2 skips zombie mode, Call of Duty 2024 will need to do a lot to impress fans with its round-based survival gameplay.

While there are some obvious things that Treyarch needs to do right, such as wonder weapons, difficulty, and map design, he should also aim to make a great presentation in the next Call of Duty Zombies mode. This can be achieved with a unique HUD for each map and a separate mechanic for each location, although if Treyarch wants to shake things up again, it can provide several new perk designs.

How Call of Duty Zombies Perks Evolved

In the first few appearances of Treyarch’s favorite zombie modes, the perks took the form of bottles. However, Treyarch has shaken things up a bit with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, especially with the Chaos narrative. Given the focus of this universe on mythology and its isolation from the history of the ether, it would make little sense to show bottled drinks. Thus, players were endowed with the powers of various gods, collecting statues in certain places of the perks.

These variations continued in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, where the traditional bottles with perks were replaced with cans with perks. This was in keeping with the setting of the 1980s game, and many fans appreciated the addition of the ingredient label and accepted the redesign. While fans liked the change, and one of them even took down a 1980s-style Juggernog commercial, Vanguard’s switch to goblets and demonic fountains turned out to be a little less popular. Although it corresponded to the theme and plot of the game, many lacked the jingles and personality of the cans of Black Ops Cold War.

How Call of Duty Zombies Bonuses Can Change Again

It is currently being discussed when Call of Duty 2024 will be installed, as leaks suggest that both a Gulf War setting and an almost futuristic setting are possible. If the Gulf War setting is used, banks with perks are likely to return, although Call of Duty Zombies can shake things up if an almost futuristic setting is used. Modern plastic bottles used for many of today’s drinks could be a great way to give the bonuses an alternative look, as they will be very different from the glass bottles from World at War and the first three Black Ops games.

Along with the aesthetic changes, it would be great if Treyarch continued to innovate on the functionality of its perks. While the system in Vanguard, which forced players to upgrade their perks several times per match, was not popular, constant RPG-style updates from Black Ops Cold War were a good idea. Further expansion of this system may be worthwhile, as the modifier system from Black Ops 4 is something that could be revived.

While Treyarch can easily revert to the simplified Perk system from old games, it’s important to keep trying new things, especially in the live service style when gamers regularly demand fresh content. Also, while the new look of Perk machines and containers won’t change the way the game is played, Treyarch devotes more time to this front and makes sense. Since the studio needs to show the Call of Duty Zombies community that extra effort is being put into the next version of the mode, privileges providing visual changes to better fit their setting would be promising. Similarly, the key point will be listening to negative feedback about Vanguard’s approach to perks while continuing to innovate, since trying something new has always been an important part of the DNA of Call of Duty Zombies.


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