Call me Kat, and Leslie Jordan from “American Horror Story” has died at the age of 67


R.I.P. to one of Hollywood’s happiest faces.

One of the brightest personalities in Hollywood has now dimmed a little, as actor Leslie Jordan, a charismatic colleague from the Fox film Call Me Kat, along with Cheyenne Jackson and Mayim Bialik, has died. He was 67 years old.

The details of Leslie Jordan’s sudden and unfortunate death are still being investigated. According to TMZ, the veteran of “American Horror Story” was driving his BMW through Hollywood on Monday morning, October 24, and it goes without saying that he got into some form of medical emergency, because of which he could not maneuver the car properly. It is reported that after that he crashed his car into the wall of a neighboring building.

This news came as a huge shock to Jordan’s legions of fans, new and old. In recent years, the actor has been busier than ever, not only in the role of Phil in “Call Me Kat”, but also in many other relatively recent projects. Over the past two years or so, he has appeared in shows such as Fantasy Island, The Great North, and The Special, as well as appearing in films such as United States vs. Billie Holiday and Until We Meet Again. He also acted as a narrator in this year’s streaming documentary series The Book of Queer.

Unfortunately, Leslie Jordan leaves behind not only unseen episodes of “Call Me, Kat”, as well as episodes that he will never shoot, but also at least one art project that has not yet been released. He was filming for the comedy almanac “Strangers in a Strange Land”, completely unrelated to the classics of Robert A. Heinlein’s fiction. He was also supposed to play one of the main roles with Margaret Cho in Ben Eisner’s dramedy “Ron Tied to AIDS”, although as of May 2022 this project was still in preparation for filming.

Leslie Jordan was a gold mine in the entertainment industry as long as he brought his southern charm to both big and small screens, and his career began in 1986 with roles in the films “Fallen Guy” and “The Wizard”. In the next decade, he appeared in everything from “Night Court” and “Pee-Wee Theater”, to “Lois and Clark” and the spin-off “Married with Children” “Top of the Pile” together with the future star of “Friends” Matt Leblanc.

We at CinemaBlend express our thoughts and condolences to the family and friends of Leslie Jordan who are going through this sad time. There won’t be anyone like him in any of our lives anymore.


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