Call from Cardano Developer to “Join Our Ecosystem”


In a blog post by Elliot Hill of the Cardano Foundation team, he said that they are working on a structure that will bring all members of the Cardano community together and develop the Cardano blockchain system with the community.

Cardano, which has come to the fore with its collaborations and studies to improve its system, is looking for new ways of development. Cardano, which was established in 2017 for the transactions of ADA crypto currency and has become a blockchain internet, announced that they will implement the ways that can improve the blockchain system with the Cardano community.

In his article, Elliot Hill mentioned that it is planned to bring all parts of the community together to create an ecosystem that acts together to achieve common goals. Saying that the Cardano Foundation aims to reach every point of the blockchain system by bringing together all members of the community, Hill added that this will connect the community and contribute to development.

The New Ecosystem Will Be Prepared For Developers

Stating that the developers in the community can make significant contributions to the newly created ecosystem, Elliot Hill announced that they have prepared a Developer Portal that allows the use of all the facilities offered in the Cardano system, and that pre-registration for entering the portal will begin soon.

Announcing the aim to create an open source community with developers, Hill said that developers are seen as the most valuable participants in the ecosystem.

Goguen Project Will Be Interested

Stating that the Goguen structure, which allows the creation of decentralized applications on the ADA protocol by the developer of Cardano (ADA), IOHK, can attract the attention of companies and entrepreneurs, Elliot Hill said that the relationships that are still in corporate dimensions can reach a level that can provide greater benefits to the community in the future.

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Stating that a continuous development is aimed in the Cardano system, Hill stated that the Cardano Foundation carries out all the activities that can contribute to the development of Cardano by participating in global business-oriented events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos.

In the example he gave based on Cardano’s belief that blockchain technology will spread successfully, Hill said BeefChain, which works with IOHK, has been successfully used in the Cardano system to track the process of a beef from production to consumption.

Blockchain Technology Should Be Adopted In The Public

Stating that public institutions should come to the fore for the adoption of blockchain technology, Hill says, banking and finance, auditing, management and educational institutions are important at this point. Emphasizing that the Cardano Foundation supports this issue, Hill added that it is actively involved in studies for public standards such as the Proof of Stake Association (POSA).


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